Need to Sell Your House Fast?

My goal is to review with you the best “4 Ways To Sell Your FSBO House Fast” and get you an all cash offer on your house regardless of location, condition, size, and price. You can close quickly – often within the next 10 days and get rid of your problem property no matter what anyone tells you. I Guarantee it!

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Five Ways To Sell Your FSBO House Fast

Option #1 – Cash Offer by Investor

  • Seller has equity in the house
  • House sold As-Is
  • Seller pays NO fees, commissions, expenses or closing costs
  • Seller receives Full Cash Offer
  • Can get started today and close on seller schedule
  • Solves sellers financial problems

Option #2 – Subject To Financing

  • Sell your house for what you owe on it
  • Seller has NO fees, commissions, expenses or closing costs
  • Solves your financial problems
  • Does not harm your credit and ultimately can help your credit
  • Can get started today and only takes 2-3 weeks to complete

Your house is SOLD FAST “AS-IS” and You are now FREE!

Option #3 – Real Estate Agent & MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

  • 6-12 months of inventory waiting for a sale
  • Able to find buyers… But buyers cannot get loans
  • Lending requirements by banks have become more stringent
  • Sellers are competing with Short Sales, Auctions & Foreclosures
  • Seller needs to bring $15,000 to close

Option #4 – Short Sale

  • Seller waits 7-9 months for bank approval
  • Note – Only 20% of Short Sales are approved
  • Seller has to bring no money to the table
  • Negative Impact – Hurts Sellers Credit
  • 80% of Short Sales end-up in Foreclosure

One Really Bad One – Foreclosure

  • Worst Option Possible!
  • Credit is destroyed for next 10 Years!
  • Negative Impact – No Home Loans, No Auto Loans & No Credit Cards!
  • You will have to pay cash for everything for the next 10 years
  • Do not let foreclosure happen on your house!

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