“John Lemon Buys Houses” can create a win/win for you and some lucky homeowner……

John Lemon Buys Houses Fast

In the right circumstances, we can partner with you, the seller, and come up with a strategy to help you get maximum dollars, without listing your property.

We partner or joint venture with the seller, and market the property for sale with owner financing.

As you know, when a property has owner financing, it opens up a ton more buyers…..and helps to close the deal….FAST! However, the seller is NOT owner financing it.

We will create a note at closing and that note will be sold just after closing, cashing out the seller, and creating a new home for some lucky buyer.

It is a great way for a seller to sell a property and an even better way for a buyer to buy a property. A true WIN/WIN!

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Here Are the Steps for Selling Your House Fast

“John Lemon Buys Houses” and the seller enter into an agreement at a price that makes everyone happy and makes the deal work. Remember, we can’t pay full retail, but we pay as much as we can.

“John Lemon Buys Houses” markets the property as a “For Sale By Owner, with Owner Financing”. That is the key….Owner Financing!

“John Lemon Buys Houses” attracts and qualifies a buyer.

The seller assists by showing the property to the buyer and making it available for what a buyer needs.

We close at a local title company, and the buyer signs a new note, whereas “John Lemon Buys Houses” or one of its affiliate companies is the lender.

Within a matter of days, the note is sold, and the seller is paid off, and the property has a great new homeowner.

Here are some instances where this will work best:

  1. Rural properties.
  2. Areas where lenders are more hesitant to lend.
  3. Properties that need repairs – Properties always require inspections and appraisals, and conventional loans may not work with properties that require some work.

Attract More Buyers

Owner Financing can attract more buyers…especially buyers who are self-employed and may not show all of their income to qualify for a conventional loan.

Less Documentation

These loans do not require near as much documentation to close!

Give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you!!!

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