Need to Sell Your House Quickly? How to Find The Right Price For Your Spokane House

If you need to sell your house quickly, it’s easy to rush and price it incorrectly. Here are a few ways that you can determine what should be the asking price of your home.

Look Through Your Local Market

When you are gathering your research materials, recognize that you need specific information about your local real estate market.

Comparable Home Prices

Your local market is usually around a 1 mile to 5 mile radius around your home, and from that you have an area that you can determine your price by the prices of comparable homes within this circle.

Comparable houses are homes that have similar square footage, amount of rooms, and neighborhood appeal as your own home. This will give you a starting place for finding out what other sellers in your area are deciding as their list price.

Figure Out The Housing Trends

You have to make sure this is not where your research ends. A good seller is one that looks at trends in the local market which can specifically affect the price of the property. This part of the process will have you not only look at the current market but look at properties that have been sold in the last 3-6 months. Have the prices been on an upward, or downward, trend?

If you know the housing prices are going up then you might want to wait to sell for a little while to give the prices more time to go up, or if the prices are going down then you know that you need to sell as soon as you before they drop anymore.

It is a great idea to know the spread between what a house was listed for and what it finally sold for. If you know that they houses sell at 5% lower than what they list at you know that you should probably deduct that off of the price, which will likely put you ahead of your competitors.

You may also find that sellers are adjusting the prices every month or two which will allow you to price it right from the start, which will increase the amount of home buyers that are interested in your house.

Trying to figure out where things are going in the future is the really difficult thing to do so make sure that you do solid research before you decide.

You CAN Sell Your House Even If…

  • Your Property Needs Major Repairs
  • You Have Listed Your Home With An Agent Before
  • You Have Already Moved Or Need To Move Soon
  • You Are Behind In Your Payments Or In Foreclosure
  • You Don’t Have Enough Equity To Pay The Costs Of Selling
  • You Have Inherited An Unwanted Property
  • You Are Behind In Your Property Taxes
  • Your Property Has Code Violations
  • Your Property Is Worth Less Than What You Owe
  • Your Property Is Occupied By Non-Paying Tenants
  • You Are Making Double Payments
  • You Need To Sell Very Quickly

Need to Sell Your House Quickly? Get Help from Your Local Home Buyer.

Selling a home can be a huge burden when you are trying to sell your home in the traditional way in this market. If you’re like most people in the United States, having to sell your house can be a tough choice.

You can move on with your life without being chained to a piece of real estate that you don’t want or can no longer afford.

If you need to sell you house with going through the hassle and time of a realtor, we can help you find the real value of you house. Give us a call to get started!

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